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Hi! My name is D. Rad and I am a programmer, software developer, designer, mentor and a blogger. Passionate about learning new things, researching and developing new technologies, I am analytical while collecting and evaluating information that comes my way. I love solving problems and optimizing solutions to enhance performance. My objective is to simply be drad'est whatever I do.

While some things may be out of our control, I believe we can achieve unfathomable by taking the initiative and acting. Hard work and persistence do pay off. I have learned to appreciate the power of team work from the young age with participating in team sports and school projects. Different views and opinions don’t only improve the end product but can (and should) benefit each participant.

Guidelines I follow when developing Android, Desktop or Web applications: building user-friendly and useful applications that perform well across multiple devices without neglecting esthetics. I like to keep my code clean, structured, robust and well-commented.

Though I am mainly interested in how things work in the background, I appreciate good design and visual appearance. Trying to keep a sense of where things fit in and to have an overview of entire development process help me be drad’est.

Below are listed languages, technologies and tools I am familiar with. Visit my portfolio page to see the things I have worked on in the past. You are welcome to contact me via options listed at the bottom of the page or contact form.




There is something magical about the power to create that programming languages provide and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from building things from scratch. Development process from idea to end product, though challenging and nerve-wrecking at times, brings satisfaction. I am familiar and comfortable with C style languages and object orientated programming. Listed above are the languages I am most familiar with. Below are languages I dabbled in.


I can quickly and effectively join any team with the knowledge of version control systems such as git. Being familiar with build tools helps me be more effective while keeping well established standards.


I take advantage of the commodities that modern IDEs provide and stay up to date with their usage and best practices. At the same time, good old (and not so old) text editors help broaden understanding of things and provide additional tools.



Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.


I love to design

Though I consider it merely a hobby, getting acquainted with design principles and front-end development allows me to work on a project with the full scope in mind, making collaboration easier and more effective. I have worked on web and mobile design as well as non-tech things like t-shirts, bookmarks and sketchbooks. You can check out what I have designed in the past on my portfolio page and read about it on my blog. Note: because of time limitations design topics are not up to date.


When designing, I take advantage of the scalability of vectors.